Building Specifications

Floors No. of office floors 37 37
Rentable areas 48,629sqm 44,685sqm
Typical floor plate Low zone: 1,235sqm
High zone: 1,329sqm
Low zone: 1,208sqm
High zone: 1,300sqm
Raised floor-to-false/
plaster ceiling height
Raised floor 150mm
Floor loading 4.5kN/sqm
Floor plate Largest column-free floor plate
Knock out panel Knock out panel to be located at every floor
Corridors Width 2m
Lighting level 200 LUX
No. of lifts 16
Low zone: 08
High zone: 08
Low zone: 08
High zone: 08
Brand Schindler
Capacity – Low zone
Capacity – High zone
Speed – Low zone 4m/s 3.5m/s
Speed – High zone 6m/s 5m/s
Average waiting time – Low zone 25s 23s
Average waiting time – High zone 30s 34.5s
Car internal size 2,000mm x 1,850mm x 2,700mm
Door opening size 1,200mm x 2,400mm
Services Lifts No. of lifts 01 01
Capacity 1,600kg 1,600kg
Mechanical System Pantry Standard pantry on each floor
Toilets Male and Female. Executive toilet (with shower)
and Handicap toilet on each floor
Lighting level Office: 500 LUX
Lift Lobby: 300 LUX
Office: 500 LUX
Lift Lobby: 300 LUX
Back-up power 100%
Parking 03 parking basement (B2,B3,B4)
AC System Centralised AC system
Energy Optimised energy performance that consumes 13% less energy
compared to regular office buildings
Air Quality Enhanced indoor air quality with the installation of F7 filters
Water Usage 20% reduction in indoor water usage50% reduction in outdoor water usage (50% recycled water)
Sustainability Certification LEED Gold Certificate

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